The April Lyrids are a meteor shower occurring in April, also called April’s shooting stars. These meteors tend to be bright and often leave trails. The radiant point of the Lyrid meteor shower is near the bright star Vega in the constellation Lyra the Harp. The word “Lyric” derives from the Greek word λυρικός (lyrikos), meaning “singing to the lyre”. Of course, the constellation Lyra represents the lyre, an ancient stringed musical instrument.

Up until shortly before our April 2015 festival, I would have said that Lyrids is pronounced like the word Lyrics replacing the “c” with “d”. However, when finding interesting tidbits of information to send to all of you, I discovered that in fact the correct way to pronounce Lyrids is [LYE-rids].  Don’t believe it? See for yourself here or here or in the dictionary or Google for more… hmmm… there are some sources that pronounce Lyrids the other way… However you say it, Lyrids is an awesome festival and I promise not to bug you about its pronunciation.
Yes. Just contact us with your changes and we will be glad to do that for you.
Yes, there is USD pricing for full-weekend registrations. The Canadian dollar’s value is still low compared with the US dollar. If you are American and registering for the festival, you will find that getting a bank draft in Canadian dollars from an American bank is time-consuming and expensive. Your choices are to pay by PayPal (4% extra) through which you are invoiced in Canadian dollars, or to mail a US dollar check. We now have US pricing for full-weekend registration. For part-time registration please pay the posted rate which has remained the same as last year.
No. Your full weekend registration covers the entire weekend including the Saturday evening dinner and party. Since the Saturday evening dinner is a considerable expense for the festival, it is not eligible for a discount if purchased separately. This only applies to part-time registrants. That is the reason it appears in a different section of the registration form. If you select the full weekend, you will find that selecting the Saturday dinner and party is disabled.
Yes. On the last page of the registration form, choose to pay by PayPal. I will send you an invoice from PayPal which you will be able to pay with a credit card without needing to have a PayPal account.

There are two ways to donate. If you donate towards operating expenses, your donation will go towards keeping fees as low as possible. If you donate towards scholarships, your donation is used to subsidize the tuition fees for work-exchange dancers, elders and youth.

No. Cristian and Sonia have their syllabus, music, and movies available on CDs/DVDs that they sell. They have requested that we do not give away the syllabus. Everyone who wants the syllabus must buy it from them. We asked if we could get pre-orders so that people may get the syllabus ahead of time and they agreed. That is why the syllabus is on the registration form. The syllabus will only be emailed to the registrants who have purchased it on the registration form. Having now read this, you can email us to add the syllabus to your registration if you have already submitted it.

No. Cristian and Sonia have all their dances on their DVDs which will be available for purchase at the festival. Fortunately, they have agreed to be video recorded for the festival DVD (available one year after the festival date).